Babu Rajendra Prasad High school

Babu Rajendra Prasad High school was established in1967. It was named after the first President of India, Sri Babu Rajendra Prasad.  It is an aided institution. The first S.S.L.C Batch came out in the year 1970. It made its beginning in Samaj Mandhir Sabha Hall and later shifted to its new building. The school was started and managed by MAHAVEERA VIDYAVARDHAKA SANGHA.

The following are the founders of this institution.

1)  M.K. Devaraj- President.
2) M. Jagathpala - Vice president.
3)  Dharmasamrajya-Treasurer
4) M.K. Anantahraj- Joint secretary
5) G.Vasudeva Pai-Joint treasurer
6) Gopal Pai-Member.
7) Muniraj Ajri- Member.
8) Pandyaraj Ballal- Member.
9) Y.Umanath Rao- Member.
10) Dr. D.M. Shenoy- Member.
11)  M.Jeevandhar Hegde- Member.
12)  M.Ananda Alva- Member.
14) M Sridhar Padival- Member.

Present Management Committee of the school.

1) Ramanath Bhat-President
2) L.C.Soans- Vice president.
3) K.Vishwanatha Prabhu-Correspondent.
4) P.Sadanada Bhat.-Member
5) Udayashankar Prabhu- Member
6) Narayan .P- Member
7) M. Bahubali- Member
8) Ravi Prasad Upadhaya- Member
9) Smt.Padmaja-Head Mistress
10) Janardhana Naik. -Teacher representative.

About the School……..
In the absence of any modern facilities of the modern period as back as 1967, this school was founded by some eminent social workers and lovers of Education.  During that time only one High school was in Moodbidri. That was Jain High School. Students were deprived of high school education. They had to walk to Karkal to get higher education. Therefore, this school was started mainly to safe guard the educational interests of socially and economically poor people of in and around Moodbidri.  Here, admission is given on the basis of educational qualification. This school believes in social justice and it has been close to the hearts of in and around the people of Moodbidri. At present 372 students are studying (2010April-10). This school is situated in one of the rural places like Moodbidri. It is in South Kanara District and in Karnataka state.

The fabulous ex - teachers of our school.

1) C.K Padival-Founder Head Master.
2)  Narayan P-Mathes and Science Teacher and ex Head Master.
3) Geetha V. Sharma - Science Teacher
4) B.J Bangha- Mathes and Science Teacher (Expired on 22-10-2016)
5) P.P Gangadhar Punichithaya - Social and English Teacher. (Expired in 1995)
6) M.Bahubali- Social and English Teacher and ex Head Master.
7) K.V.Sharma- Hindi Teacher.
8) A.Govindha Bhat- Kannada Teacher.
9) Smt. Sunanda- Samskrit Teacher. (Expired in 2015)
10) G.Ramanath Shenoy- Physical education teacher.
11) K.Ramesh Kamath- Drawing Teacher. (Expired in 2002)

Non -teaching staff of our school.

 1) Baptist Santa Major- Clerk (Retired)
 2) Jayaram-Clerk(Retired)
 3) Lakshmi S.Pai-Clerk.(Expired)
 4) Damodhar-Clerk (Retired)
 5) Ravikala Shenoy-Laboratory assistant. (Retired)
 6) Sundhara-Attender. (Retired)
 7) Gopala-Attender. (Retired)
 8) Angara-Attender.(Working)
 9) K . Rama - clerk
10) Jithesh as  -Clerk


The present working teachers our school.

1) Smt.Padmaja- Head Mistress

2)  Janardhana Naik- Hindi Teacher.
3) Smt.Theresa Cardosa- Science Teacher.
4) Keshava Prakash- P.E.Teacher.
5) Bharath Naik - Kannada Teacher.
6) Smt. Chandrakala Bai- Arts Teacher.
7) Annu. A- Science Teacher
8) Sanjeeva H - Drawing Teacher
9) Kiran Kumar Punichithaya - Arts Teacher.
10) Venkataramana Keregadde -Samskrita Teacher.
11) Mrs Shobha- Science Teacher

School strength for 2011- 2012
Class     Section(A)      Section(B)   Total

10       56                 55                111

9         84                 75                159

8         57                 58                115         TOTAL 385


Present Strength of the school (as per 10-04-2010)
Class     Section(A)      Section(B)   Total
10           56                   53         109
9             73                   73          146
8             67                   68          135          Total 390



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